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PEN Men's ALBANO Gilet

PEN Men's ALBANO Gilet


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  • Pence 1979
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Pence was founded in 1979, when the process of treating fabrics became a trend in the fashion panorama. In that period, piece dyed cotton garments and jeans were the must-have in everybody's wardrobe.

After more than 30 years, surviving the changes of time and fashion, Pence comes back with a new collection that combines tradition with innovation. New concepts, new manufacture techniques, new design and an extraordinary attention to small details.

The treatments on garments, no matter if made of cotton, wool, silk or any derivative of them, are the result of the research of a experienced and passionate staff. Hours and hours are spent on studing raw materials with skilled technicians from the best Italian laundries and dying houses.

100% Cotton

Contrast Color Pocket

Multi Pocket 

Made in EU



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