Collection: Baudoin & Lange

Baudoin & Lange designs and manufactures luxurious modern footwear.
Originating from the world of English and French bespoke shoemaking, we are driven by a passion for craft and elegance, aiming to raise the level of comfort and quality in modern shoes.
Our first product is an unlined, soft lambskin loafer that wraps around your feet like a glove - the Sagan. The old meets the new.
At Baudoin & Lange two generations of craftsmen collide with a common passion for handmade shoemaking.
Knowledge is handed over from one generation to the next, carrying history and substance. In exchange, a promise to respect, transmit and revive the craft that binds them together.
Leather is wrapped around wooden lasts, insoles carefully sliced by hand, and structure kept together with the aid of antique instruments.
Traditional shoemaking techniques are combined to the newest technology-driven processes to bring out the best of old and new.