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MZB Men's 114 1920s T-shirt 5.5oz Ink Blue

MZB Men's 114 1920s T-shirt 5.5oz Ink Blue

Merz b. Schwanen

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Made in the 1920s, this shirt still is very much in style due to its timeless design. Special attention: The authentic processing of the neckline! The collar is turned over very fine by hand twice - real skill is required. This is exactly how the neckline of this shirt was originally processed 100 years ago since the comfortable modern edging machines did not yet exist. Who knows if men in the 20s knew about the very cool look of their T-shirts?

67% CO / 33% VI
1-thread, soft and easy-going 
all-natural fabric 
fully recyclable
155g (5,5oz)
puristic hand-sewn crew neck 
no sideseams 
triangle insert under arms 
loopwheeled in Germany 
comes in an authentic box
Made in Germany

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