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ETR The Gentlemen Travel Shoe Horn

ETR The Gentlemen Travel Shoe Horn


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Made in collaboration with Netflix's much anticipated, new series "The Gentlemen", Travel Shoe Horn is reimagined in black capra leather and features the iconic 'Halstead Crest', blind embossed on the front of the case.

Our handy Travel Shoe Horn is the ultimate travel companion, it folds easily and can be kept in the elegant pouch. The pouch closes with the Ettinger heritage button in silver. 

The Gentlemen ™/© Netflix.  Used with permission.

folding metal shoe horn and pouch
a centred silver button
Size: 8cm X 5cm X 1.8cm
Net weight: 36g
Packaging: Ettinger gift box

Made in England

Outside Leather: Goat Leather
Side Leather: Goat Leather
Pocket Linings: Jacquard Fabric

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