Using only the finest calf skins sourced from Alpine grazed cattle herds, this aniline leather is vegetable tanned to preserve the natural beauty of the skins and is finished in a very subtle way to give it an exceptionally silky touch and allow it to burnish naturally. The elegant, earthy shades have great depth of colour, enhanced by the natural skin variations. The buttery soft leather will burnish and therefore darken over time just through normal handling. The little scuffs and marks acquired through normal use can be smoothed over by brushing the leather all over, with the combined effect of polishing the leather to give it a unique patina which can only improve with good care over time.
To burnish the leather yourself we would recommend you use a clean soft brush, the same kind of brush you would use for your shoes, and gently rub the surface in small round circles, as evenly as possible. To clean the leather we would recommend you use a soft damp non-fibrous cloth and gently wipe over the leather, then leave to dry naturally . If you would like to protect the leather from water and dirt then we would recommend using a very small amount of Ettinger Wax. Please note however that waxes and any other creams and oils on your hands will penetrate and mark aniline leathers to give it a darker silkier, glossier look once polished. Lighter leather colours, particularly, will become noticeably darker and more contrasted as a result.
Generally speaking, avoid keeping your leather accessories in very wet or humid conditions. If they do get wet, leave out to dry naturally, away from strong heat sources. Once dry, check for any water marks and apply a little wax if necessary then polish with a soft brush or cloth. Leather is naturally a supple material so will change shape easily. Therefore, please avoid compressing your leather accessories (for example in a tight pocket) as this will deform the items and can strain the stitching. This can also, especially with the combination of heat, humidity and pressure, cause your leather to deteriorate very quickly.

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