MZB Men's TR348PR Classic Sweatshirt 12oz Grey Mel
Merz b. Schwanen

MZB Men's TR348PR Classic Sweatshirt 12oz Grey Mel

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Many sweatshirts lead a forgotten existence in some closet. With this style, things will be different for sure: this garment can seriously be shown to the world.


The sturdy but soft fabric and the triangular inserts on the neckline and under the arms guarantee a natural fit and maximum comfort. The 3-thread organic cotton loopback fleece feel comfortable on the skin.


Production: made in Germany


durable and sturdy

all-natural fabric

fully recyclable

340g (12oz)

grippy, slightly irregular surface structure

triangle insert made of ribbed fabric at the front and back of the neckline

form-stable waistband made of ribbed fabric at hem and sleeve ends

maximum comfort due to triangle insert under the arm

best skin comfort due to gentle manufacturing process

made in Germany